domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

el suicidio

In front of my eyes, blinded by tears 
I feel that time is passing by 
Under lights that hurt my body 
Hurt my soul and end my life 

Covered by flowers, violet and red 
I see those lips that once were mine 
I've only some moments before I 
Leave you forever 
I couldn't say goodbye 

Suddenly all is over 
Sickness of evil took you from me 
I can't stand facing this life 
Without your lewdness, I must die 

Drop by drop, now I see the blood 
Running away from my veins 
Now my body starts to rot 
I'm fading away 

A silent scream echoes my mind 
Think that I'm really going 
Through the mist I can see your shadow 
Offering me your hands 

No more time, no more fear 
Now everything is so clear 
No more anguish, I'm no more alone 
The last drop falls, everything's gone

Y así espero pasan los día, a la espera de buenas noticias.